Support from the ZAD in Notre-Dame-Des-Landes to Ferguson

we are inhabitants/occupiers of a territory where an airport was supposed t be built. We have been holding this zone for a few years by occupying it and keeping it clear from police threat, which gives us a starting point to practically experiment the overthrowing of the established world.

Echos are reaching us from Ferguson, Missouri :an uprising against the power of the police and the everyday freezing fear they spread. And now, how impressed we were to witness the gathering of so many, willing to confront it.

We are made of the memories of similar moments, in our history, or the history of comrades before us : in france in 2005, in the US in the 60’s, in L.A. In 1992-for the widest of these revolts. A man is murdured by the police, riots kick off , and all necessary means become legitimate to reestablish order, come back to the same shit.

This cycle can seem forever lasting. However, as we experienced, it can occur that the cycle is broken. This is what Anonymous runs for when wishing that « every square inch of Ferguson would be occupied. » Breaking this cycle is also what’s happening here : each time we resist to police operations on the zone, when we grow and harvest fields together, when houses and a territory are inhabited in common/

To all rioters and resisters of Ferguson, even if we can’t be with you, we send you our solidarity, may it feed your courage and strenght. May there never be a return to normality, here or in ferguson.