The place is in front of Adriatic sea and is an autonomous social center squatted more than 3 years ago. Our political history come from the movements of “Tute Bianche” and “Disobbedienti”.

After the Global Meeting Network, in June we have participated in the protests against G8. Now we want to create another space for sharing, discussion and having fun together. On the thirteenth of August we will talk about the last G8, for valuing the future prospective concerning European movement.
We invite all groups and individuals to continue together the construction of radical and rebel anti-capitalist movement in Europe . We hope sharing with many people as possible these days.

There is the possibility to bring vans and tents in a wide green space just in front of the beach. Just little money cooperation for logistic and food will be needed.

The program of the camping will include different cultural and musical events, italian kitchen, bar, free beach and also some interesting actions against privatization of beaches and social spaces. We need your answer to organize the space.

We wait you!

Let us know as soon as possible.

How to get there:

By car: take the A14 motorway from Bologna, after 180 km take the Senigallia exit, then follow seaside directions and look for Lungomare Dante Alighieri n1. Mezza Canaja is 200 meter after Hotel Excelsior.

By train: from Senigallia railway station take the bus to Lungomare Dante Alighieri and ask for the Mezza Canaja.

By boat: if you come from Greece , from the Ancona seaport take the trains or the bus to Senigallia.

By plane: From Bologna/Forlì or Falconara airport, take busses or train to Senigallia.

Camping program:

Friday 10:
h. 22.30 > Rock Party

Saturday 11:
h. 22.30 > Live show: COLLE DER FOMENTO (hip-hop/rap style
from Rome ).
After the show: Dancehall with Caligula Sound and Always Loving Jah Sound.

Sunday 12:
h. 21.30 > Theatre show “TARGATO – H”
by David “Zanza” Anzalone.
Monday 13:
European meeting about G8
and future perspectives for the European radical left.
Tuesday 14
h. 23.00 > Reclaim the beach …
“Trash night” with DJ Nestor and DJ Dempir.
Wednesday 15:
>Relax for everyone!
During the camping there will be direct actions to reclaim social