The New York City Independent Media Center (IMC) has a feature
– a one to two page photo essay – to its bi-monthly free paper, The
Indypendent. The Indypendent has a print circulation between 15,000 and
20,000 copies, most are distributed in the greater metropolitan area.

This photo essay should adhere to the IMC’s mission (1) to create a new
media ethic by providing progressive, in-depth, and accurate coverage
of issues impacting individuals, communities and eco-systems. A
critical part of Indymedia’s mission is (2) to serve as « a democratic
media outlet for the creation of radical, accurate and passionate
tellings of truth. »

To see some of the photoessays published go to (About Irak)×11.pdf (About an immigrant worker in Brooklyn) (about the MST in Brazil) (about Palestine)

For this new photo feature, we would like to publish coherent essays
that engage a topic or theme, rather than merely a collection of
related images. We want to see photography that reflects the raw
passion of independent media makers and documentarians – work that
keeps you on the streets looking for challenging images and topics
depicting the multitude of social, economic and political concerns that
are relevant to our world today as well as depictions of daily life of
underrepresented communities all over the world.

Each month’s essay will be selected from submissions by the photo essay
team, an open group that includes an overlap of photographers and
designers. The criteria for the selection will stress the quality of
the images and the coherence and topicality of the essay. Photo essays
not chosen one month will be considered again for the next month.

We are part of a global, community-based, volunteer, and completely
non-profit media network . Nobody gets paid at the NYC IMC.  Therefore,
we can not pay photographers for their work.  Through this photo essay,

we are providing the opportunity for photographers to have their work
published, a photo essay and a topic they really believe in. 
Photographers, of course, will receive prominent credit for their
published work, and retain all copyrights.

Photo essays should consist of 10-15 images exploring one global or
local topic. Text and captions to contextualize the essay should be

Submissions will be accepted for review by email (every image should be
in one file no bigger than 70 KB) at

normal mail:
Photo Essay NYC Independent Media Center
34 E. 29th Street, 2nd Floor,
N.Y., N.Y. 10016.

Attention: if you want to mail working prints and would like your
submission returned please include a self-addressed pre-stamped
envelope. Include your name and contact information on the back of each
photo. Submissions will be accepted throughout the year.

If you have any question, please contact us at

For more information about the Independent Media Center in New York,
or .

Thanks a lot.

NY IMC Photo Essay Team.

The Indypendent takes the explosion of online independent media and brings
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Indypendent is
more than fantastic source of alternative news, it is itself a living
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Naomi Klein, commentator, activist and author of « No Logo »

With the rise of international global justice movements that are
unprecedented in scope and vitality, along with growing resistance here to
war and oppression and the search for new and more humane directions for
society and politics, there is an urgent need for independent media to
which activists and concerned citizens can turn for information and
analysis that escapes the filters and doctrinal bounds of the establishment
spectrum.  In brief, there is an urgent need for the Indypendent newspaper
of New York City and the global Indymedia network on which so many have
come to rely.